About us

About us

Shutter Manufacturer

IVY Window Funishing Group Pty Ltd is based in Melbourne Australia with our own factory to make shutters locally in our Dandenong premise.  We offer consisitent quality shutters to all retailers, most of our Aussie made shutters are fully made in 10 Days. With our 100% owned off-shore factory in Northern China, we can fullfill large order requirements in container load, at very competitive wholesale price.


Local Warranty

We are proudy of ourself to be a local plantation shutters manufacturer, as well as a wholesellers, Being in industry for years, we understand this very customised products need lots of attention across whole order process.

  • Extensive Parts & Hardware
  • CNC machines to cut and assemble
  • Fix or repair any issues locally
  • Adds-on Check Measure & Installation

We offer you not only quality shutters but local services to help you on all sales, installation, after sale, and warranty aspects, so you can focus on how to grow your business.


Step 1 – All About Talking

We talk to your in person, and discuss details what we can offer, and how we can help you on your shutters supply with all resource we have including pre-sale training, samples and brochure. We have in-house team on chech measure as well as installation. In case you would not sure about anything like corner window or bi-fold measurement, we are more than happy to provide this service at a flat cost

Step 2 – Online Ordering

We setup a trade account, with which you can login onto our online order system to place orders through. With each order, you can live check its status online and we also send update to your email for every step. In this case you can keep your customers in loop without much chasing calls.

Step 3 – Drawing Confirmation

Our factory will manufacture your shutters based on a precise drawing from the order your provided. We will send you drawing to confirm before production, to make sure we are in same page. You will be visulized with drawing to check everything.

Step 4 – Production

We share same production line for both our CN and AU made shutters, and all production is based on the drawing you confirmed before. so barely we make any mistake, but in case we do, its just a matter one or two days we can fix in our AU factory, and you dont leave long waiting with your customers

Step 5 – Ready to Go

Once your order is ready, our system will automatically send your email for notification. if you have adds-on service with us, we will arrange appotinment with your customers shortly

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