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AAA Curtains & Blinds provides a variety of awnings and canopies that will enhance elegance and function for your home or business. It will give your home the character and charm that you have been looking for. Today’s commercial awnings can intrigue the customer and increase your business. Whatever your needs may be for commercial or residential awnings, AAA Curtains & Blinds can meet those demands.

Why with us?

Awning Warranty

AAA Curtains & Blinds Melbourne are of high quality and custom made to measure. We proudly back this up by giving you complete peace of mind with our 15-year warranty.

Improve, Beautiful and Protect

We make all shapes and sizes – from tiny window awnings to massive walkway canopies. There are many styles and hundreds of colors to choose from. We also provide retractable awnings, exterior shades, restaurant patio awnings, seasonal entry enclosures, graphics, backlit awnings, and much more. Every job is custom made based on your requirements and style.

Best of best

Our goal is to continue to be the BEST in providing quality work and products at the BEST price possible.

Outdoor Awning

Fully motorized with blinds roof

Window Awning Product Ranges

Standard Awnings

Our Standard Window Awnings are Perfect for Victoria Windows, Stylish window awnings improve home curb appeal

Straight Drop Window/Patio Awnings

Imagine how you would furnish your covered patio if you did not have to worry about rain soaking your nice furniture and creating challenges for wood and fabrics.

Pivot Arm Awnings

The Pivot arm awning is the most suitable awning for outward opening windows, to circulate the flow of air and decrease the direct Sun rays. AAA Curtains & Blinds specialize in pivot arm awnings thereby we provide with multiple feature.

Zip / Channel Awnings

Channel awnings not only deflect the sun and rain but will enclose your outdoor area to increase your living footprint, year-round. Suitable for protection in high wind areas you can choose from an easy to use the crank handle, electric motorized, battery or solar motorized solution.

Retractable Awnings

AAA Curtains & Blinds Offers retractable awnings, custom-built up to 40 feet wide, with a projection up to 16 feet 6 inches. Those awnings are constructed of forged aluminum alloy. The same material used to build air crafts. AAA Curtains & Blinds also offers the most attractive and strongest awnings on the market today.

Motorised Awnings

We are motorization specialists, skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable in the latest technology for smart, connected or stand-alone motorized Blinds and Awnings. We offer motorized blind and shutter products as well as motorized shades and awnings.

Full Awning Products List

  • Standard Awnings
  • Dome Awnings
  • Concave Awnings
  • Convex Awnings
  • Spear Awnings
  • Retractable Awnings
  • Entrance Canopies
  • Carports
  • Store Front Awnings
  • Slide on Wire Awnings
  • Patio Shades
  • Aluminum Awnings
  • Aluminum Porticos


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